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If you are looking for an affordable 100% Natural luxury product with a heart – You have found the right website!

Vegan Healing Soap is made and sold with the mission to support a worthy cause.

There are still too many products being tested on animals and still use animal products as ingredients.  So we have decided to combine our passions.

What better way - than to help restoring Balance in Nature – Chemical Free and Animal Cruelty Free.  Whilst supplying you with an unbelievable natural healing soap suited for all skin types and other amazing 100% Natural products?


Bathing will never be the same again. We use aromatherapy in our products and these heavenly smells will wisp you away to lavender fields or a room filled with roses and fresh forests…endless possibilities. These products will help create harmony for your skin and body.

Our natural soaps are made by hand and each order made with lots of care to your specification. We want you to be “ wowed” and will ensure the best quality and individual attention.



When you order from us you don’t only receive a great product, you contribute to an even greater cause.


We commit to Donate 20% of every order to establishments who fight against animal cruelty and animal rescue shelters.




Free Delivery in Gauteng Area for orders above R250.00

Vegan Healing Soaps Store

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